This discussion will take place in the Computer Lab.

Chapin Dorsett
Sam Alexander
Hayley Mather
Jordan Brown
Connor Cilley
Parker Goessling
Sharon Bowler

1. Student Facilitator(s): Sam Alexander

2. Protocols: Discussion Agenda Resources
  • How did you like the book?
  • How did you respond to a certain character?
  • What did you care most about in the book?
  • What points already said do you agree or disagree with?
  • What comment made today most affected your thinking?
  • What questions still linger for you?

Ten Words or Less

This can be done as individuals or in pairs.

  • On your own or with one partner, summarize the book in ten words or less. Give everyone three minutes.
  • Share the summaries: the writer reads the summary and another participant asks a question or makes a comment in response to that summary. The writer responds and talk can open from there. Move to the next summary.
  • Commit to each summary earning one comment or question from another participant.

3. Discussion Questions:

What are some parallels between Julian's and Daniel's lives?

Would you read the sequels?

Why half sibling thing downplayed?

Why does Daniel survive at the end?

Is this a novel more targeted towards women?

4. Culture & Context:

What is the relationship between Spain and France like during the time period in which The Shadow of the Wind is set?

How does Barcelona connect to the Spanish Civil War... if at all?
Map of war events...Barcelona was bombed.

How does early 50s Spain compare to early 50s America?
-Spain was focused on improving international relations with the rest of Europe. Spain remained neutral durring World War II and didn't want associate itself with the wrong side. Spain tried really hard to appeal to both sides however, so that no matter what happened at the end of the war, it wouldn't be associated with the losing side.
-America just emerged from World War II victorious and went through a period of great economic growth. Unlike spain, America focused on self improvement and betterment.

What is the author's background, and how does that affect the novel?

How does Spanish literature differ from ours?

5. Pre-Discussion Processing:

Characters - List a significant detail for each character
  • Daniel Sempere- Main Character
  • Beatriz "Bea" - Daniel marries her
  • Julian Sempere - Daniel and Bea's son
  • Julian Carax- Author of the Shadow of The Wind book found in the secret cemetery of forgotten books
  • Fermin- Friend of Daniel
  • Penelope- Love interest of Julian in the book
  • David Aldaya- Child of Penelope and Julian
  • Tomas- best friend of Daniel and brother of Bea
  • Clara- Daniels schoolboy crush, they read together at her uncles house
  • Francisco- A friend of Julian Carax who grows up to be a murderous police inspector
  • Miquel- Another friend of Julian Carax
  • Jorge- Another friend of Julian Carax
  • Jacinta- The former governess of Penelope
  • Nuria- Worked in the publishing house where Julian's books were published

Setting - Locations and time periods
  • Post war in Barcelona - In fathers book shop and around city
  • Novel opens in 1945
  • Ends in 1956 - Daniel's childhood

Important plot events - Choose at least 3 significant plot elements and explain their importance
  • Daniel's father takes him to the secret Cemetery of Forgotten Books and there is a tradition where everyone chosen has to take one book to protect for life.
  • Daniel chooses The Shadow of The Wind by Julian Carax.
  • Meets Laín Coubert in the night for 1st time, offers to buy book
  • Visits Fortuny apartment, finds letter from Penélope, tranks down Nuria Monfort
  • Reads letter from Nuria - finds out the final pieces of story
  • Gets shot at Aldaya mansion while protecting Julián from Furmero

Conflicts - Identify and elaborate on the conflicts that drive the plot
  • Daniel's attempt to find out more about Julian Carax's life, and the circumstances of his disappearance from society.
  • Julian's search for Penelope, and what happened to her after he left for Paris
  • Fumero seeking revenge against Julian for "taking" Penelope from him.

Narration (point of view) - Describe how the telling impacts the story
  • Daniel's point of view, first person
  • First person in all letters

Important passages - Have at least 5 important passages on the wiki; a brief comment or question about how and why the passage is important should follow each
  • This book is a story within a story
  • 20– Daniel meets Clara (target audience relation)
  • 46– "Life is going to deal you a great many blows, Daniel."
  • 77 and 129– Julian and Daniel Parallel
  • 92 and 145– sugas candy
  • 117, 120, 123 "You're the devil"