Yarmouth High School Community Book Discussion 2012-2013

January 24 & 25 at Yarmouth High School
All Discussions will take place between 9:30-10:40 am.

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Discussion Schedule:

Thursday, January 24 3rd period (9:30-10:40)
Kafka on the Shore: Bill Rixon, Christine van Alstine
Nectar in a Sieve: Melanie Decker
All Quiet on the Western Front: Rachel Kerner
Things Fall Apart: Ben Soule, Debe Overhaug
The Sand Fish: Lynn Hynes
The Alchemist: Hillary Pidden
Like Water for Chocolate: Kimberly Smith
Blindness: Linda Halloran, Linda Dodge
Say You're One of Them: Kym Dakin-Neal, Melissa Madigan
The Kite Runner: Trudy Briggs
Measuring Time: Kate Gerencer

Friday, January 25 3rd period (9:30-10:40)
Heart's Delight: Janet Lohmann
Snow: Mary O'Donnell
The Stranger: Isle Haag
Out Stealing Horses: Jeri Erickson
Shadow of the Wind: Sharon Bowler
White Tiger: Julie Jackson, Marc Brown
Island Beneath the Sea: Janet Lyons
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich: Scott Anderson
The Dry White Season: Steve Strand, Christine Oberink
Purple Hibiscus: Nissa Flanagan
Sea of Poppies: Caroline Mallett, Binks Colby-George, John Auble